Our vision

We are empowering students to reach their full potential together.

U of Lang was born from an internal project of theDardo Rocha Institute of Higher Education. The project was initiated with the idea that people anywhere in the world can receive the official teaching and certification that we offer, which is one of the things that differentiates our online academy from any other.

At IESDR we have been teaching foreign languages since 1995, now with U of Lang we are able to teach languages all over Latin America and in Hispanic communities in the United States.

We created these low-cost, easily accessible courses because we understand the benefits associated with language study. Among these benefits are:

  • Expansion of memory.
  • Generates new perspectives.
  • Optimizes mental capacity.
  • Increases your personal confidence.
  • Improves attention and cognition.
  • Promotes critical thinking.
  • Delays brain diseases.
  • Gives a boost to your professional career.
  • Improves personal and interpersonal communication.
  • Getting to know new cultures and traveling becomes more entertaining.
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    Projection of our courses

    U of Lang has an estimated growth of 300% by 2023.

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    Our team


    Facundo Fernández

    CEO - Chief Executive Officer

    Alejandro Chicala

    CTO - Chief Technology Officer

    Tomás Fernández

    COO - Chief Operating Officer
    Our mission

    We strive to create excellent opportunities for our students.

    We invite you to come and participate in our courses, to be part of this study journey, and to be part of the great international family of University of Languages.

    I want to know how the courses works!